D6 Ultra

The escomatic D6 ULTRA has been designed to Evolve with the production. The tool head, which rotates at 12’000 rpm, has 3 turning tools that can be controlled separately as needed to expand the possibilities and simplify the process. It is possible to machine the front and back of the workpiece simultaneously. The DUF front machining unit consists of three axial spindles designed for drilling and tapping in the guide bush. The counter spindle with C-axis and the DUF unit are each mounted on a table equipped with separate CNC axes with a translation speed of 40 m/minute. After cuting off the workpiece, 3 axial spindles and 1 cross spindle can perform secondary machining at a speed of 18’000 rpm (DUAL) to enable high-performance secondary operations. All this is controlled by a easy to use machine-specific Pegasus/Beckhoff CNC control for more flexibility and ease of use.

Main benefit

Created for the revolution of the production

3 tools for more flexibility

Even faster

8 linear axes

ESCO guiding bush or standard commercial guiding bush

Small flor space

Low power consumption

Technical specifications

Maximize the number of operations in one machine

Material diameter 0.3 – 4mm

Simple turned parts with front and back operations

Machining from coils with real work 24-hour continuous lights out operations

High volume part series and pilot series


Unrivaled productivity of the escomatic principle supported by CNC control

Choice of escomatic cutting tools or inserts from all tool makers

Use of escomatic type guide bushes or commercially available guide bushes

The maximum speed of the tool head is 12’000 rpm

Very fast cycle times and reduced machining time with improved accuracy.

Best price/performance ratio to produce parts with small diameters

Improved parts quality, both in meeting tolerances and in surface finish

Savings in floor space and manpower due to compact design

Low electrical consumption

Hight accessibility of all adjustable elements