D2 Flexspeed

“The Classic”

escomatic D2 FLEXSPEED, the fastest solution for precise and economic tuning up to 5.0 mm maximum diameter parts produced in large and medium lot sizes.

L’escomatic D5 Flexspeed, l’évolution de la D2 Flexspeed équipée d’une unité à deux broches supplémentaires sur la tourelle permettant le perçage frontal des pièces.

The ESCO FLEXSPEED system allows machining to be optimised while guaranteeing an extremely high level of productivity. This increases the performance advantages of cam driven machines. Thanks to the electronic control system, the speed of the cam shaft can be programmed for specific areas. For example, the feed rate can be reduced for parting and increased for turning; this means that the slowest process no longer determines the overall cycle time. In addition the spindle speeds and the straightening speeds can be continuously adjusted (no more changing of pulleys). Due to FLEXSPEED the parameter of each operation can be optimised individually. The result is a significant improvement in the quality of the parts produced, both in meeting tolerances and in surface finish.

Application Profile

  • Turning operations with two cutting tools
  • Very fast cycle times
  • Safe 24 hours production
  • Material diameter up to 5.0 mm
  • Simple parts
  • Simple machine setup and fast process adaptation
  • Machining from coil
  • Features

  • Cam controlled machine with electronic FLEXSPEED system (Fanuc) for optimised cycles, higher precision and less tool wear
  • Lower material costs due to less waste of material ends
  • Reduction of labour costs due to fewer machine stops by using material from coil, real 24h operation
  • Economy of floor space due to compact design of the unit “machine & coil stand”
  • Efficient and economical production of simple serial parts with short cycle times