D2 Flexspeed


escomatic D2 FLEXSPEED是最快速的解決方案,可精密與 經濟的車削最大外徑5.0 mm的產品,並掌控中/大量生產。這讓凸輪車床的表現更優異。歸功於電控系統讓凸輪軸的速度可以在特定區段做編程控制。例如,可以降低切斷和增加橫車的進刀率;這表示較慢的製程不再影響整體產能。另外機頭與整直轉速也可以微調(不用在更換皮帶輪做變速)。由於使用FLEXSPEED讓操作參數可以個別優化。結果在符合公差和面粗度下,生產產品的品質明顯改善。

The ESCO FLEXSPEED system allows machining to be optimised while guaranteeing an extremely high level of productivity. This increases the performance advantages of cam driven machines. Thanks to the electronic control system, the speed of the cam shaft can be programmed for specific areas. For example, the feed rate can be reduced for parting and increased for turning; this means that the slowest process no longer determines the overall cycle time. In addition the spindle speeds and the straightening speeds can be continuously adjusted (no more changing of pulleys). Due to FLEXSPEED the parameter of each operation can be optimised individually. The result is a significant improvement in the quality of the parts produced, both in meeting tolerances and in surface finish.


  • 兩支車刀。
  • 極高產能。
  • 安全的24小時生產。
  • 材料外徑可達5.0mm。
  • 簡單產品。
  • 簡單機台設置和快速製程改機。
  • 捲線加工。
  • 特色

  • 凸輪機搭配電子FLEXSPEED系統(Fanuc)來優化產能,並提升精度與減少刀具磨耗。
  • 由於減少尾料浪費,降低材料成本。
  • 經由使用捲料,減少機台停止時間,降低了人工成本,真實體現24小時作業。
  • 採用捲線料架,節省佔地空間更具經濟效益。
  • 具備高效益的生產,針對簡單產品系列發揮高產能。